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Animal immobilizer accessories chargerRAU 220V Immobiliser Charger

A 220VAC/DC 12V charger adaptor is available as an accessory for fast charging the battery in the convenience of you home or shed. The Rau charger delivers a charge of 1Amp/hour and will fully charge your immobiliser in approximately 6 hours.


IM 2000 Mini ProbeIM 2000 Mini Probe

The IM2000 Mini Probe is a useful accessory to the IM2000 Animal Immobilizer. It resembles the regular aluminum probe that comes standard with the IM2000 but its dimensions are 8” x 5/8” making it useful for working with smaller animals such as sheep, goats and deer.

It has also become a popular aide to persons involved in performing Artificial Insemination. When slid along the top of the arm during the semen straw placement or embryo transfer, the IM2000 assists in steadying the animal during the procedure to minimize those painful shoulder injuries caused by sudden unexpected movement of the animal.

The probe simply plugs into the IM2000 control unit.

RAU EJ2000 Ejaculator ProbeRAU EJ2000 Ejaculator Probe

Why use the RAU Ejaculator Probe?

• Battery powered for portability
• Uses low current
• Gentle on the animal
• No residual stress on the animal
• High quality semen sample
• Cost effective

The ejaculator probe is used for the electronic ejaculation of bulls for semen sample collection. The unit uses a low current and this ejaculation process has been shown to cause no residual stress to the animal.

The ejaculator probe is an accessory to the IM2000 Animal Immobilizer.

It simply plugs into the IM2000 animal immobilizer pulse generator and is used with the HIGH switch setting.

There is absolutely no radiation from this device.

The design and the effect of this probe is such that the semen obtained is of extremely high quality. The system is gentle and field tests show that the bull is not injured in any way and will happily return to the chute.:

Operating Procedure

  1. The animal must be restrained in a chute with the neck in a clamp. Ensure there is access for semen collection.

Important: When the animal is being restrained with the use of a head clamp, care should be taken to check that the animal is not leaning into the clamp, restricting blood flow to the head. This may cause the animal to collapse.

  1. The bull must be sexually stimulated. This is done by emptying the dung from the dung passage and at the same time massaging the rectal passage. Massaging the testicles, and penis sheath is also recommended.
  2. Commence with the unit switched off and the control knob to zero. Fully insert the ejaculator cable plug into the jack socket of the control unit.
  3. For the ejaculator to be inserted into the animal a lubricant should be used. This will facilitate the insertion and improve the electrical contact.
  4. a. Ensure that the two brass contacts are facing down.

b. With the unit switched off and the control knob set to zero, lift the tail and insert the entire probe into the rectum of the animal only allowing the stainless steel handle to protrude.

c. Allowing the tail to return to its normal state will keep the probe in position.

  1. Set the control knob to zero. Switch the unit on. The control knob is adjustable from zero to 10. With the power switch in the “H” (high) position gradually adjust the intensity to maximum and return the control to zero. Repeat this process several times or until the bull ejaculates. Summary

It is advised that the animal’s reaction be observed for the desired effect rather than relying on fixed speed of rotation. One will get to know the most effective rate through repeated use.

This device has been used on a number of bulls and results may vary through differences between animals as well as differences in rectal contact.

The design and the effect of this probe is such that best quantity of semen is gathered.

The system is extremely gentle and from field tests the bull is not injured in any way and will happily return to the chute.

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