Animal immobilizer uses benefits

Uses and benefits

“The best livestock time and labour saving device on the market”

The RAU Animal Immobiliser delivers a low level electrical current that stimulates the animal’s natural nervous system’s response to muscle constriction. This allows the animal to become immobilized for the duration that the pulse is applied.

Cattle restraint during:

  • branding
  • dehorning
  • castration
  • hoof trimming
  • minor treatment procedures
  • sheath trimming and cleansing
  • grooming & shearing
  • face and mouth inspections
  • drenching
  • mothering a calf
  • treatment of mastitis
  • treatment of foot rot
  • Injections in the eyelid against eye infections
  • Promotes milk let down, no more drugs needed. (Very high success rate around 98%milk let down.)


  • Safety – Nervous, injured, stressed or fidgety animals are unpredictable and difficult to work with. The Immobilizer will cause the animal to stand still and make for a much safer working environment.
  • Less stress – Both user and animal will enjoy lower stress levels using the Immobilizer – experience shows that the heart rate is constant while immobilized.
  • Less weight loss – translates into heavier animals and higher profits.
  • Reduce injuries – Users of the product report fewer injuries when they immobilize the animals. This translates to lower medical costs and less down time through injuries.
  • Speed – Procedures can be properly performed and are completed much faster when the animal is immobilized.
  • Less labour – Only one person needed to operate the immobilizer and do procedures.
  • Ease of use – Simple to operate and reliable in use means that users can perform tasks they would not dream of attempting without the Immobilizer.
  • Reliability – These units have proven their ability to take the punishing working conditions under which animals are handled – and just keep on delivering. Steel casing and sealed electronics ensure a quality product and long life.
  • Warranty – These units come with a one year parts and labour warranty. (excluding the re-chargeable battery).

If you require putting animals into a neck clamp and it won’t go those last few feat, just insert the Immobilizer, dial it up slowly and the animal will slowly walk forward into the head bail. You can calmly lock the head bail and proceed.

It is the only stress free way to handle big bulls with lame feet.